The enchanting Laikipia Plateau, a hidden treasure for safari enthusiasts seeking an exclusive and diverse wildlife experience. Nestled in the heart of Kenya, this pristine wilderness stretches across vast plains, rolling hills, and lush river valleys, creating a harmonious habitat for a remarkable array of wildlife.

Embark on exhilarating game drives through private conservancies and witness the thriving populations of elephants, lions, leopards, and endangered species like the Grevy’s zebra and African wild dog. Immerse yourself in the conservation success stories of Laikipia, where local communities have embraced sustainable practices to protect and preserve this delicate ecosystem. Engage in thrilling walking safaris, guided by knowledgeable rangers, as you connect with nature on a deeper level. With its breathtaking landscapes, abundant wildlife, and commitment to conservation, the Laikipia ecosystem invites you to experience a safari like no other, leaving you with unforgettable memories etched in your heart.


A guided Walking Safari

Remote and pristine, Northern Laikipia is carved up into a patchwork of community and private conservancies fronting the spectacular Ewaso Nyiro Gorge. The bush here is thicker and scrubbier than it is in the south, and while the Big Five are all present, densities are pretty low.

As a result, lodges tend to focus more on walking safaris than on motorized game viewing, making it an ideal bush retreat at the end of a longer safari in Kenya and offering an opportunity to concentrate on smaller mammals and exceptional birdlife.

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